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If you develop your company’s products use the menu and see what you discover!

Don’t underestimate the competition we are starting to face, in particular from China and India.

Remember how the Japanese annihilated our motorcycle industry in the ’60s (used to be the largest in Europe); and started the demise of our car industry in the ’70s (aided by our own ignorance)? Already companies in China and India are reverse engineering products - maybe even yours - to manufacture them cheaper than you may be able to, and to sell first on their home market and then into yours.

So trying to compete just on cost will not save you.

Our specialist skills include:

The answer, before you develop your next product, is to discover how to do what they can’t match. The information in this website explains how.



Lean Product DevelopmentLean Product Development:

 A manager’s guide

This book explains what needs to be done in order to successfully complete the complex task of developing products. It describes how you set up and run each project according to its particular needs and covers planning your profitability, cutting out waste, creating a market winner and how to control risk. It also contains some practical tools and techniques that help to cut time and cost. More...



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