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Project CR-1031: RESET: Development and testing of in-process chemical sensors and an on-line PC based system for the measurement, monitoring and control of industrial processes.

Reagecon Diagnostics Limited participated in an EU funded R&D project to develop a range of heavy duty sensors for pH measurement in the process and chemical industries, with a PC-based computer system for the monitoring and control functions.

The partners included academic and industrial companies to do the research and development work. Site testing of prototypes was done with two partners who, as end-users, were able to validate the prototypes in aggressive process applications.

The RESET system provides a low cost solution to the measurement, monitoring and control of pH in process fluids and effluent discharge. It is targeted at SMEs because it enables them to meet the increasingly strict environmental legislative requirements at an affordable price.

The consortium

EU R&D projects work on the technology that will improve the market potential of future products and processes; but developing the product itself can not be a part of the project.

Lead partners were Reagecon Technology Ltd. (Ireland and UK). Partners were the Université de Savoie (France), Labtech Limited (UK), Solomat Limited (UK), NITEC (Sweden), and Heineken Brewery (Ireland).

Reagecon and the Université de Savoie did basic R&D work. Solomat was responsible for the development of the electronic hardware and software elements of the systems signal-handling component. Labtech contributed to the mechanical aspects of the self-cleaning and self-calibration device. The Heineken Brewery in Ireland and NITEC, a Swedish pulp and paper service company, provided access to a number of sites for testing prototypes in hostile environments for more than 12 months.

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