TSS Limited

Robert Manson - Managing Director
Jim Ramshaw - Engineering Manager

The Company, its products and customers

We are based in Witney, Oxfordshire with offices in Aberdeen and a USA base in Houston. Sales in 1998 will be more than £7 million with 48 staff on the payroll.

A core strength is the ability to offer a rapid and comprehensive 24 hr a day, 7 days week clients support service anywhere in the world. This uses a network of 32 representatives in 26 countries together with TSS staff.

We concentrate on developing dynamic motion and target detection technologies, which form the basis of a range of specialist products for the marine market. These include motion sensing, heading, positioning, pipe survey and cable survey systems. They are installed on some of the world's most advanced vessels.

Our customers are mainly operating companies carrying out activities such as underwater survey work. A large number are OEMs. A typical example manufactures large sonar systems. Our sensor is a key element in their product, so they are naturally interested in our developments now and in the future. They are also keen to discuss their future developments and the associated requirements that will be demanded of our technology. We brand-engineer our product for them.

Another example: we are developing a pipe and cable tracking system. It's a two-year development programme, technically advanced and close to completion. A number of clients are desperately keen to get their hands on it because the new product will give them more capability. They are offering support to test it, which will require an underwater vehicle and support ship.

All the elements of what this company did are part of a methodology you can learn - adaptable to any product development project from the totally new to just a small change. Develop products that customers clamour to buy. Cut the cost of developing them. Cut the cost of manufacturing them. Drastically reduce the time it takes to develop them. Learn how...

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