Lean product development workshops

How you apply the benefits of lean methodology to developing products

You can learn about the mistakes and lessons that the world’s best went through and apply lean methodology to all aspects of your product development. In 3 linked one-day interactive workshops for management and practitioners you analyse the business processes, tools and techniques used by 70 of the world’s leading product developers, and how you can apply them.

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Learn the key process used by 70 top world product developers

New unpublished information enables:

How you benefit:

Analysis of 70 the world’s most profitable product developers shows that on the surface their methods appear different. But examine the detail and you find they share a common element: they all apply a lean business process. The common factors that deliver this process have been extracted, digested and brought into these 3 important workshops.

In each of these one-day workshops, you explore how you plan, organise and control your own product development. You are encouraged to compare what is taught to how you devise and run your own programmes. You enhance your own process to reduce waste. And you discover new ways to cut risk and generate more successful products. All without serious disruption to what you do now.

How does your own product development process rate?

  1. What percentage of your product development budget is used on activities that adds value for your customers?
  2. Can you list the 6 key features that make customers buy your products?
  3. Do you understand why your competitors’ customers buy your competitors’ products rather than yours?
  4. Do you use a viable, formal method to generate a continual stream of profitable new product ideas?
  5. Do you have problems resourcing multiple projects with too few people?
  6. What percentage of your product development budget is used on activities that add value for your customers?
  7. Do you re-evaluate project risk at every approval stage?
  8. Do you complete all your stage reviews in only one hour?
  9. Do you have to revisit stage reviews because of incomplete activities or ‘discoveries’?
  10. Do you monitor projects to a time and funding model?
  11. Do you monitor the monetary value of your product development work in progress?
  12. Do you know how to cut the number of post-release changes by 80%, and the effect that would have on lead time?

Workshop topics:

The following are among the topics analysed and discussed:

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 explores how you identify and eliminate waste: value stream mapping, project risk assessment, building effective teams and optimising their performance, the behavioural factors that make for success.

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 shows how you organise and plan the project: product strategy, generating product ideas, planning your programmes, the milestones that are essential to make the process effective and lean.

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 deals with how you run, monitor and manage the process: controlling product development projects, applying IRR to decision making, plus many useful tools and techniques.

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